Metallographic Laboratory

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Ing. Renáta Gabrielová Ph.D.

Head of the Metalografic laboratory


  • comprehensive control of macrostructure and microstructure, including Baumann imprint
  • microhardness measurement
  • material grade determination and verification
  • etained austenite amount determination
  • testing of corrosion resistance to intergranular corrosion
  • corrosion resistance testing of alloy steels, nickel base alloys, duplex austenitic/feritic steels by means of weight loss
  • determination of delta-ferrite content
  • detection of defects in weld joints
  • metallographic testing of special alloys based on Ti, Ni, Al, Zn
  • determination of depth of decarburization and heat and chemical-heat treated layers

Except of extensive testing provided in our laboratory, we also provide investigation right at the customer’s premises without need of the tested product destruction:

  • microstructure (by means of replica technique, that means imprint of microstructure on a collodion film)
  • hardness measurement using a rebound hardness tester
  • macrostructure (on semi-finished and finished products)

Testing of ferrous and nonferrous metals and their alloys and of weld joints is performed according to the EN, ISO, ASTM, ASME, GOST standards and the customers´ requirements.

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