Chemical Laboratory

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Ing. Renáta Míčková

Manager of Chemical Laboratory

Chemical analyses

  • technical iron (steel, cast iron, pig iron)
  • nonferrous metals and nonferrous alloys (alloys of aluminium, nickel, copper, titanium, cobalt)
  • ferroalloys
  • silicon carbide
  • refractory materials (fireclay, bauxite, corundum, clay etc.)
  • oxide materials (slags, ores, agglomerates, lime, magnesite, chromite and silicon sands, casting powders, fly ashes and wollastonites grinding discs etc.)
  • solid fuels (black coal, coke, anthracite, solid carbon substances e.g. electrode materials etc.)
  • engine fuels (diesel fuel)
  • oils
  • etc.

Other services

  • Positive Material Identification PMI also at the customer's premises
  • semiquantitative analysis - rapid X-ray analysis of unknown samples
  • exposure of samples for testing the resistance of stainless steels to intergranular corrosion (MKK), for tests SSC-A, SSC-B and HIC , for testing corrosion resistance by the method of weight loss, deep etching to evaluate the macrostructure
  • determination of mechanical impurities in cylinders
  • determination of non-volatile hydrocarbons in cylinders
  • mass activity measurement of metal samples
  • determination of pH in aqueous extracts


Chemical analysis of metal materials, determination of individual chemical elements of:

  • input materials (plates, forgings, castings, pipes, bars, wires etc.)
  • products of various shapes (flanges, fittings, welds etc.)

Area of usage:

  • material grade verification / elimination of material replacement
  • material grade determination
  • metal material lots sorting


  • quick and precise (in case of XRF also non-destructive) analysis
  • PMI measurements also directly at the customer’s premises (XRF portable spectrometer)
  • PMI report - comparison of the determined chemical composition with the material specification according to normative requirements / heat analysis (with the conclusion ACCEPT / REJECT)
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